AXON Delivers New Records Technology

Published on: 20 Jun, 2017

Axon Enterprise Inc (NASDAQ: AAXN) announced early on Tuesday June, 20 2017 during their second Annual Accelerated User Conference, that they are allowing the conference attendees a first look at the new RMS or Records Management System. The RMS is thought to be groundbreaking as it is made to reduce the time that officers are in the office filing reports and spend time in the field.

After news of their groundbreaking technology, Axon stocks bumped up 6% early on trading day. The 50 day average daily volume is notated on as 778,791 and today, the amount of shares traded by 12:20pm was 1,031,342 with an EPS of $0.35.

The premise of the new technology is to promote paperwork automation and to reduce the tie it takes to share information. The ability to share information with others as well as provide.

The director or RMS, Sayce Falk stated: “We've been hard at work developing this technology with a select few agencies, so taking the opportunity to share it with more than 500 Axon Accelerate attendees and thought leaders is a tremendous thrill…We've all seen how technology has helped accelerate certain aspects of our lives. In the 20th century, we used to read game highlights in a newspaper the day after. Today, we get immersive highlight reels as the game ends. Our vision for RMS is similar in that we're focused on delivering an integrative, multimedia platform that saves time and puts insights and the right information at every officer's fingertips.”

Axon Enterprise, Inc., formerly TASER International, Inc., is engaged in development, manufacture and sale of conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) for use by law enforcement, military, corrections and private security personnel, and by private individuals for personal defense. It is also engaged in development of connected wearable on-officer cameras.


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