The Latest “Buzz on the Street” Show: Featuring 3 Sixty Risk Solutions (OTC: PTVFY) (CSE: SAFE) News

Published on: 15 Feb, 2019’s latest Buzz on the Street Show: Featuring Our Corporate News Coverage on “Beleave Selects 3 Sixty Secure Corp. to Provide Secure Transport Services for Medical and Non-Medical Cannabis Products”

3 Sixty Risk Solutions Ltd. (OTC: PTVFY) (CSE: SAFE) announced that the Company, which operates through its wholly-owned subsidiary, 3 Sixty Secure Corp., is providing secure transport services to Beleave Inc. (“Beleave”) (CSE: BE) for its medical and non-medical cannabis products.

3 Sixty Risk Solutions delivers professional, focused and reliable security solutions for the cannabis, law enforcement, oil and gas, mining, government, and industrial sectors. The Company relies on a network of the most talented, highly trained and committed security personnel in the industry.  

The influx of businesses entering into the cannabis industry is growing in multitudes. Many are seeing attractive growth opportunities in specific fields like cultivation, distribution, and retail. However, the federal stance on cannabis has hindered many businesses from developing. Regulations have barred businesses, such as banks, from working with cannabis-based companies. The matter prompted the creation of new public and private sectors within the cannabis industry itself. Emerging sectors like e-commerce, technology, finance, and law are among some of the top growing segments, further expanding the broad cannabis marketplace. According to data compiled by Ameri Research, the global legal marijuana market is expected to be valued at USD 63.5 Billion by 2024. The market is being driven by the wave of legalization, increasing usage for medical applications, tax revenues, and increased investments in R&D.

The U.S. market accounts for the majority of the global cannabis market value. States such as Colorado, California, Massachusetts, and Washington are among the leading revenue drivers for the industry. For instance, Colorado delivered USD 1.1 Billion in sales and taxes in 2016. In order to meet consumer demands, Colorado approved more licenses and allowed for the development of establishments. But the growing number of operating businesses began to concern state officials as well as business owners about security matters. Now, many cultivation sites, dispensaries, and distributors have signed off on security service agreements in order to protect their facilities. Specifically, businesses are seeking security services such as alarms, surveillance, guards, advisors, and transportation. “To state the obvious: Marijuana is valuable. So is everything involved in growing, processing, transporting and selling it,” said John Schroyer of Marijuana Business Daily. “That value, along with plenty of state and local government rules requiring marijuana companies to implement security measures, has given rise to a thriving industry niche focused on helping cannabis businesses protect their assets and employees.”

For more information, please visit:3 Sixty Risk Solutions Ltd.

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