China’s Virtual Reality Market Grows

Published on: 24 Nov, 2017

Guiyang, China has created the country’s very first virtual reality theme park hoping to increase demand for virtual entertainment. China’s virtual reality market is expected to hit almost $8.5 billion in the next 2 years. This park is 330 acres located in southwestern Guizhou province with 35 virtual reality attractions that include shooting games and virtual roller-coasters. This theme park hopes to innovate attraction and change the entire tourism structure of this province.

Worth $1.5 billion, the park is aimed at developing new drivers of growth targeting trends such as gaming, sports, and cutting edge technology. Guizhou is pushing to become a center of innovative technology by luring firms such as Apple who already sited their China data center there.

The country’s virtual reality market is expected to grow to $8.4 billion by the end of the decade.


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Ariana Cheong



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