Directors, Editors & Contributors

Tori Gikas


Tori Gikas hails from Sydney, Australia. She studied and played college soccer in the U.S and has made New York her home away from home. She is passionate about media, social networking, business and the way media and technology is fast progressing. She joins Financial Buzz knowing its potential and the future it has under a proven successful executive at the helm.

Tori has worked in several areas of Media and Public Relations. She likes to challenge herself and learn as she works. Prior to Financial Buzz, Tori worked at Mimlitsch Enterprises Inc. as a Public Relations Specialist. She also helped ABF Mud Run, a non-profit charity Mud Run, in expanding their reach through various media strategies.

Jared Patrick

Jared a 2013 graduate from Hunter College in New York City is leading the charge for the social media front in Financial Buzz. He handles the ever changing social media landscape and networks daily with other financial media syndications. Graduating with a B.A. in Psychology, Jared digs deeper into the psyche of the social media with a desire to continuously learn new technologies.

As an avid stock market researcher, Jared has strong interest in undervalued fundamentally sound companies. He is now excited to be apart of Financial Buzz as he soaks in the constant daily knowledge being shared by staff. Also as a native New Yorker, Jared thrives in the face-paced culture inherent in the financial sector. Jared helps animals in shelters on a weekly basis and enjoys taking care of his new dog.

Santiago Minaya


Santiago is a college student making a name for himself in the financial community. He is entering his final semester of college, receiving his B.A. in Political Science and minor in Public Relations at Iona College.

Santiago is passionate and confident that he can help bridge the gap between media relations and financial institutions throughout the world. Santiago has had experience in the finance sector as a financial analyst. While still attending high school Santiago would familiarize himself with the market by writing and reviewing the stock market, learning and understanding Wall Street language. He joins Financial Buzz seeing the potential this company has to offer. Santiago believes he can be an asset through his writing and media relations skills.

At a young age Santiago knew the importance of being social and interacting with people from all walks of life. Santiago gained the confidence to be comfortable and poised in all surroundings due to his carefree and charismatic attitude. Along with his attitude Santiago understands the importance of hard work and getting the job done. Santiago believes in a quote a wise man once said “Hard work pays off you get what you put in”.

Mingmar Lama

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Mingmar is the first of his generation to grow up in New York City. Mingmar studied at the Queens Vocational and Technical High School where he learned the trade of Electronics. There he participated with his peers in the First Robotics Competition in 2009 for the New York Regionals, and was fully sponsored by NY1 after placing first in the competition to compete in the Nationals. There his school placed 250th among 1,500 schools and gained much experience in the field of robotics.

Mingmar played for his basketball and baseball varsity team in high-school. He helped set up major sporting events for his fraternity, and cultural programs. He has managed youth teams and taught the basics of basketball and many other sports. Mingmar studied Computer Science, and has knowledge of programming and working with C++ applications.

Mingmar studied at StonyBrook University where he recieved his bachelors in Computer Science. He had one of the highest academic honors in StonyBrook University in the fall semester of 2012, when he was placed in Dean’s list for achieving a GPA over 3.5. He also placed in the Honors list in the spring semester of 2012, after he received a GPA over 3.7. After studying there for 3 semesters.

Perry Boon


Perry Boon is a manager of a Carvel Ice Cream establishment in Brooklyn, he has worked 6 hard years from a minimum wage opportunity, to running a successful store as manager. With this experience he developed impeccable customer service and learned a lot about personal businesses, giving him the ability to teach and supervise new employees.

Mr. Boon was a Marketing and Communications Intern at a growing Online Food Ordering company founded in Brooklyn. Here he developed his marketing and advertisement strategies. Implemented promotional techniques with SEO and Social Media. He was entrusted with professionally preparing presentations and research that he communicated to merchants and customers.

Perry continued his studies after High School at CUNY Brooklyn College. Currently he is a senior, months away from graduating with a BA in Marketing. He is also a sport enthusiast and an active member in a Networking Fraternity, where he holds a National Position. Perry is responsible for many executive decisions to ensure the growth/development of the organization and maintained the positive public relations with other organization leaders and university administrators for NAΦ Incorporated.

“Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart” are words Perry has live by, through failure and losses he has learned significantly from it. It will not discourage but instead it will help lead him towards a successful direction, never forgetting the obstacles that made him who he will be

Patrick Sha


Patrick Sha is a small business owner, and currently working on his Masters in Healthcare. Before his studies, he owned and operated a wholesale food distributor located in Brooklyn, NY. Patrick is passionate about health and wellness, arts and culture, and history and their leaders.

Through his business interactions, Patrick gained a strong interest in finance and the markets, ultimately leading him to his position at Financial Buzz. As a native New Yorker, Patrick thrives in the face-paced culture inherent in the financial sector. Along with his varied interest and hobbies, Patrick leads a unique perspective to events, trends, and their consequences.

Patrick graduated from Stony Brook University with a BS in Health Science, and a strong focus in sociology. When asked for a quote, he responded "Quotes are stupid if they do not incite action."

Derrick Leon


A true New Yorker, Derrick was born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in one of the most diverse neighborhoods the city has to offer. After attending Stuyvesant High School, he continued his education at SUNY Buffalo where he obtained his BA in Communication and also a graduate degree in New Media Study. While there, Derrick also did his best to contribute to his community through philanthropy, participating in events such as The Linda Yalem Run and Buffalo Kidsday, organizing the Cammy Lee Bone Marrow Drive and also serving in various local homeless shelters and soup kitchens

After moving back to New York City, he put his degrees to work in the fashion marketing field. There, he ran most of the creative production and online marketing for Wicked Fashions, Inc. Responsible for the national ad campaigns for their top brands, Southpole and Lot29, he spearheaded all pre-production for photoshoots. From concept to staffing, he had a hand in it all. Also instrumental in the launching of a mass market label and several mezzanine tiered labels, he was tasked with creating an online presence and identity for each brand. Derrick also assisted in obtaining sponsorship opportunities with partners like the New York Mets and bidding for the naming rights to IZOD Centre, former home of The Nets.

Transitioning from fashion to finance, realizing how every aspect of life and pieces of news somehow effects the financial world, he found investing a brand new challenge and an intriguing process.

Ming Mui


Ming Mui was born and raised in the vibrant neighborhood of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. He has over 8 years of professional experience in the financial industry. Throughout his time in the industry, Ming was exposed to many different financial instruments such as domestic and foreign equities, fixed income, exchange traded funds and foreign exchanges, all in the operational and settlements area.

He is also a master of ceremonies for wedding receptions. After discovering his passion to speak in front of large crowds, he took on the role to host wedding receptions. To date, Ming has hosted over 150 wedding receptions throughout the Tri-State area, with audience ranging from 200 to over 800 guests. He is fluent in English and Chinese (Cantonese). He is also authorized to perform marriages under the State of New York.

An avid and lifelong Knicks fan, Ming has learned the true meaning of agony and dedication. During his spare time, he enjoys playing sports and partakes in numerous outdoor physical activities. In the summer of 2013, Ming became the Community Director for the N.Y Rockits A.I.A. A not for profit organization dedicated in promoting athletic development, educational advancement, strength of character, and social interaction for the underserved youths in the community. He has been a member of the organization since 1996.

Ming studied at Bernard Baruch College in New York City. He holds a B.B.A in International Marketing with a minor in anthropology. Ming is excited to bring his professional experience, joyful personality, and work ethic to Financial Buzz.

Steven Wong

Steven W. is an experienced entrepreneur with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Investments from the City University of New York-Baruch College. He is skilled in identifying customer needs and how they can be addressed in a profitable way for both the client and company. He is also experienced in marketing, specifically social media marketing, online marketing and advertising, marketing strategies, and digital marketing. He has many other qualifications including: social and digital media, web analytics, new business development, management, and search engine optimization.

Steven is proficient as a native speaker of English and has a rudimentary understanding of Chinese. When he is not working, he enjoys many interests, which include: gadgets, digital photography, traveling, weight lifting, and music. He also enjoys investing and keeping an eye on investments.