Microsoft and Grab Announce a Strategic Partnership

Published on: 09 Oct, 2018

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Singapore-based ride-hailing company, Grab, announced a strategic partnership on Monday.

Under the agreement, Grab will adopt Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform while
Microsoft will make a strategic investment in Grab. The two companies will also collaborate on an array of technology projects, including big data, AI and machine learning.

“Our partnership with Grab opens up new opportunities to innovate in both a rapidly evolving industry and growth region,” said Peggy Johnson, Executive Vice President at Microsoft. “We’re excited to team up to transform the customer experience as well as enhance the delivery of digital services for the millions of users who rely on Grab for safe and affordable transport, food and package delivery, mobile payments, and financial services.”

Grab is the leading on-demand transportation, mobile payments and online-to-offline services platform, operating in eight countries around Southeast Asia. A number of companies have invested in Grab, including SoftBank, Toyota and Chinese ride-hailing company, Didi Chuxing.

“This partnership signals a deep collaboration with Microsoft on an array of technology projects, including big data and artificial intelligence, that will transform the delivery of everyday services and mobility solutions in Southeast Asia,” said Ming Maa, President of Grab. “As a global technology leader, Microsoft’s investment into Grab highlights our position as the leading homegrown technology player in the region. We look forward to collaborating with Microsoft in the pursuit of enhancing on-demand transportation and seamless online-to-offline experiences for users.”

According to a joint statement, the two Companies want to develop innovative deep technology to enhance and transform the Grab experience for Grab’s users, driver-partners, merchants and agents.


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