The One Thing that Could Interfere with Stock Market Performance

Published on: 24 Oct, 2017

It seems like the American stock market is almost unshakable. There is absolutely nothing that can disturb its record level performance. The S&P 500 Index closed at 2,575.21 for the forty-ninth time in 2017 and has to its credit 350 days of trading with a 15 percent gain.

The Bespoke Investment Group reports that the current year, that is, 2017, is competing for the 5th closest highs till date. According to the president of Tower Bridge Advisors, Maris Ogg, the favorable global economic background may allow the market to steadily climb up for another few years, and not just months. Ogg added that there is some extremely good news coming from Europe. However, it is still difficult to say whether this growth is inflation inducing or not because a lot of people continue to remain unemployed. It is crucial for the labor market to be tight in order to expect inflation.

Sell or buy?

There’s another positive trend which has favored the market-minimal euphoria in the last phase of the bullish market. Irrespective of high valuations and records, investor surveys indicate that the level of enthusiasm has deteriorated in the last few months.

There is a sudden appearance of stock-market blobs with overjoyed investors bidding up prices and taking them to unfeasible levels. This is exactly what happened in the latter half of the 1990s when there was a technology boom.

Ogg says that they have been receiving an increasing number of calls from customers seeking advice on whether it is a good idea to sell off the stocks instead of buying them- a clear indication that there is some anxiety in trading. According to Ogg, this is slightly abnormal behavior when the market is booming.

Net profit margins rise

FactSet reports that the total profit margins in the third quarter are only a bit lower than those recorded in the same quarter in the previous year. But, on complete terms, a total profit margin of 9.5 percent would probably touch the record.

If you look at the previous data, you will find that there is a tendency for total profit margins to increase with a rise in the stock market.

Data analysts inform that the week ahead would be one of the most significant for the earnings season. Nearly 190 S&P 500 firms and 12 Dow Jones components will release their quarterly results. While both Alphabet and Amazon are ready to release their reports, Apple is due to report its results on November 2.


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