Whole Foods investigating credit-card breach

Published on: 29 Sep, 2017

After a month of credit-card breaches sweeping the nation, yet another company reports another cyberattack. Whole Foods, the grocery chain Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) purchased back in August, reported on Friday that company “received information about unauthorized access of payment card information”.

Whole Foods is saying customers who shop solely for groceries at the chain should not be affected. The company said that venues such as taprooms and table-service restaurants within the stores were affected.

After learning about the issue, the company launched an investigation, as well obtaining a cyber security forensics firm and contacting law enforcement to address the issue appropriately.

Amazon also added that Amazon users’ information would not be affected by the breach.

This will mark another major cyberattack within the month alone. Earlier in the week, fast food chain Sonic was also hit by an attack that compromised approximately 5 million credit card informations when traced back.

The attacks between Whole Foods and Sonic does not compared to the largest attack on Equifax that revealed over 143 million consumers information.

The attacks in this alone month has affected millions of consumers. It is also evident that there may be many more cyberattacks ongoing that companies have not discovered.

Cybersecurity companies are in high demand as cyberattacks have been increasingly become evident. Yet, cybersecurity remains among the smallest industry with high demands in the work force. The need for cybersecurity is crucial for large companies, as they are primarily the ones targeted by groups.


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